Monday, 28 November 2011

a winter break with cute pictures

we've just had a little break in Lincolnshire visiting our relatives as we're spending christmas in Cornwall this year 

I love this time of year in the North because it feels properly wintry (it was shockingly cold for us poor Cornwallians!)

so we did a fair bit of walking

and lots of coffee (and a lot more tea and cake!).  I love this photo, my mum and I look so serious, I can't think what we were talking about!

and this is just a coot because I love coots

we also took a trip to Donna Nook, this is a most amazing place.  Between October and December there are about 1400 seals on the beach with a small wooden fence separating us from them.  It is a most incredible sight, we spent ages watching cute pups with huge eyes, males bounding across the beach and even females fighting.  If you live near Cleethorpes it's well worth the trip

the site is protected and there was an abandoned pup that the wardens were preparing to rescue if it's mother didn't return

It's actually a practise bombing range that the RAF use but the seals don't seem to mind the helicopters and planes circling the area.  There was a chinook flying over for most of the time we were there.  The very best thing is watching the males fight.  It takes them such a lot of effort to get near each other that they both have a rest before they start, then a bit of posturing and another rest, in fact I don't think we saw a single male make contact with another, it was just too exhausting!  

So there it is, our little holiday and now back to the warm (?) weather of Cornwall and christmas preparations.


  1. Glad you had a lovely time 'up North'.All that walking,coffee and cake sounds perfect!Love your description of the male seals fighting..hilarious:)xx

  2. what a lovely post! i thoroughly enjoy seeing what others get up to - and donna nook! we go every year and take a million photos, the seals are so much fun to watch! it's always so cold though, brrrr

  3. Glad you're back, I love seeing the pics you post of Cornwall. I spent a bit of time living in Cadgwith with my god-mum when I was a spotty teenager. Think I left a small corner of my heart there.


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