Tuesday, 15 February 2011

thoughts on purse frames

I have been umming and aahing (is that how you spell them?) about purse frames.  I love the idea but they are quite expensive to buy.  Not least because the type you sew in only seem to be available from Japan

I am scared of fabric gluefor several reasons
a) I'm not sure how long it would stick together in something as well used as a purse
b) I have a tendency to get in a mess with glue,paint,ink...
c) I like the idea of hand sewing them

they are just so pretty and make me feel all nostalgic, this one would allow for a wrist strap
these are from 3Dpatternpaper on Etsy and I love them dearly.  I think I may have made up my mind but I would like to hear from any of you out there who have had a go at this type of purse.


  1. I've never used them, but I know an online shop that sells the sew in version and at $8 for 5, plus very reasonable postage, they might be worth a go. I ordered internal flex frames and they came very quickly.


  2. that link is perfect thankyou x


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