Friday, 26 November 2010

glasses case tutorial

This is my first tutorial so let's give it a go

1. I reccomend doing your embroidery before you cut out your linen.  It is possible to embroider after but a little fiddly

2. Cut out the following pieces

cut 2 lining pieces 10.5cm x 20cm
cut 2 wadding pieces 10.5cm x 20cm
cut 2 base pieces (print) 10.5cm x 8.5cm
cut 2 linen tops (one with your embroidery on) 10.5cm x 14cm

place your embroidered front and plain back linen facing up. Put your print bases face down on top of them and sew along the bottom line

trim your seam, fold out and press (perhaps a little better than in my photo!)

3. Place the wadding down first
next place the outer piece on top facing up
finally place the lining facing down

Do this with the back and the front and pin the layers together

You should have two sandwiches of three layers each

sew all the layers across the top

If you want lace sew it across the border now

4. fold out the two pieces and place on top of each other so the front and back are facing each other and the two lining pieces are facing each other.  Pin.  Then sew around the edges as shown leaving the bottom edge of the lining closed

5. Turn the right way out through the base of the lining and press

6. Hand sew the lining closed

tuck the lining in and press it.  stick a couple of velcro dots on the inside to close it.

I really hope this tutorial is clear,  I'm happy to answer any questions on anything unclear


  1. Yay how cute! I could do with making some of these as presents, my dad has about 6 pairs of glasses and he's forever losing them so maybe I should make him 6 of them for christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing.I'm going to do one for me;)
    Have a great week end

  3. I can understand having six pairs of glasses! I put mine down and can never find them again.

    Thankyou Sofia I hope the tutorial makes sense.

    Have a lovely weekend too

    Kate x

  4. I've bookmarked this to make some Christmas presents. Hopefully I'll have time to make at least one before Christmas. :-)


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